Sunday, 24 February 2013

How it all began ....

It was in 2008. My husband wanted to start working with wood. He bought lots of different tools, we moved house to have workshop for him. I started thinking about how to decorate wooden item that he made.

I did research on Internet and then I found DECOUPAGE.

I read lots of pages, forums, blogs, I was watching tutorials and asking many questions.
Then I went for shopping to get paints, mediums and napkins.

I was in my spare room which I called "my workshop". There was only desk and a chair. My husband promised me some piece of wood to start using my new supplies. I was waiting, and waiting...
Because I am not so patient I started working on the peg that I found in my pocket.

So here is my first attempt to decoupage (now I know that is not exactly decoupage but I will explain it later on)


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I have no idea how to add this button one the side of main stream...


It is done! :)

Workshop With The Angels - 23.02.2013

Yesterday I had amazing morning that I spend with very nice girls from Midleton.

I organized first workshop in this town. It was designed for the adults.

I was ready to start at 10am. I brought all paints, brushes, scissors, napkins etc.

First I explained what "Italian Style Decoupage" is and what it isn't as this is often confused with card making technique.

Then we started preparing wooden pieces with sanding paper, painted them and sanded again and painted... to make it smooth and well covered with the paint.

In the next step we prepared our pieces for the napkins and start gluing napkins onto the angel's body.

It was the hardest point but all did very well thanks to special glue for napkins and my instructions.

I am more than sure that everyone in my class was a bit afraid before we started. Decoupage seems like craft that needs lost of experience and many skills. But that is NOT TRUE.
Decoupage is craft for everyone from 3 to 93 years old (that was my the youngest and the oldest trainee).

Here is a proof:

Black Angel is my favorite :)

At the end I answered question about ageing technique. In decoupage the best way to explain is... 'show and try' so I use small pieces of wood to make very simple shabby chic coasters. Here is first work of my trainees:

I like when on my workshop every piece of work is different and unique. I love to give a chance to participants to use their own imagination and creativity.

One is sure - I will see all of them soon :) Can't wait!

Big thank to Marzena and Krzysztof from Tailoring Center in Midleton for hosting my workshop in their lovely place. It was a great support that I really appreciated!
I would recommend them as very talented, skilled and hard working people. There is no too small or too big job for them - from simple alteration to totally transformation of sofa. At reasonable price!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Hello World

Hello World!
I decided to start a blog. My deep apologize for my poor English :(
I will try my best, but feel free to correct any mistakes you find.