Monday, 18 March 2013

Decoupage in Shannon, Co. Clare - 17-18.03.2013

I spend two days in Shannon Co. Clare.
First day I spend on Decoupage Party. And we decorated goose egg's shells:
<sorry for bad pics, I forgot my camera>

It was great fun for all of us!

When we where alone (me and my friend) we started working on our own projects with glass of wine (my apologize for quality of the pics again):

For sure - you can't guess what we did next day? Yes we decoupaged another egg's shells.

This time we tried to use relief outliner. I was time consuming but result was worth it:

We also tried easy painting technique and different texture:

Because I have my daughter with me she and her friend decorated goose egg's shells too :)
Here picture of their work in progress. They finished work with colored ribbon.

It was great and creative trip. I love to travel so when I can combine my passion, my work and travelling I am the happiest human in the entire world!

Thank you all and hope to see you again!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Decoupage Demonstration - Midleton, 16.03.2013

Hello everyone!

Great day once again.

I started this day again very early in the morning. My kids are going to Polish School on Saturdays so I had to prepare them first and droped-in. School is in Ringaskiddy so as usually we went by cross-river ferry.Then I went to Midleton to M&K Tailoring Centre

It was a big surprise as two women came very early. Unfortunately I had an accident and spend some time on rescue my wooden box.

When I settled down my table more people started coming. Most of them wanted to try decoupage on the egg's shell. It was a great fun for all of us.
It was very busy for more than 2 hours.

Some people came just to see how we are working - sorry if you did't see much. I never expected so many coming to do the shells.

It was many people from Cork, Cobh, Carrigtwohill, Midleton and Whitegate, male and female, in age from 2 up.

Some pictures:

Thank you all for coming and I hope to see you again :)

Friday, 15 March 2013

Workshop in Co. Clare!!! WOW! My business is really growing up very fast!!!

Today I just confirmed upcoming FREE workshop for kids in Midleton Library.
It will be during the Easter Holidays - on Wednesday, 3rd April. More info and bookings in Midleton Library.

Next great news is that today I was invited to provide workshop in Shannon, Co. Clare.
All places are booked out! Cant wait girls to see you!


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Free Demonstration - Goose Egg's Shell - Midleton

16th March 2013

Once again - all ages, all levels very welcome.
Just pop in any time that will suit you between 10am and 1pm.
M&K Tailoring Centre is next to Farm Gate so if you ask for direction ask for this very popular place. You can't missed it :)

If you want to try decorate the shell you will have a chance to do so for only 5 euro per egg.

Numbers of eggs are limited.

Full workshop about egg's shell decorating is coming next week, 23rd March.
Book your place  to avoid disappointing.

See you in Midleton on Saturday!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tea Light Holder From Wine Glass - Tutorial

Welcome to my first photo-tutorial. I want to encourage you to try decoupage at home.

It took me about 30 minutes to transfer wine glass into beautiful and unique tea light holder - lantern.

I will explain what I did step by step:

1. I took wine glass (can be old piece that is no longer in use).

2. I took rice serviette with pattern that I wanted to use, glue for napkin and brush.

3. I tore napkin into the pieces and using the brush I glued them onto the glass (outside only)

4. I used glue on the bottom part of the glass as a primer.

5. When glue was dry I used glue for gilding over the bottom part.

6. After while when glue was clear but still sticky I used gold leaves over the bottom part. 

7. I used shellac over the whole piece to protect it.

8. Then I decided to use relief liner to cover place where napkin met gilding.

What I got as a result:

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Angels - Workshop for Parent & Kids in Cobh

On Saturday 9th March I provided second workshop for parents & kids in Cobh Family Resource Center.

This time parents and kids decorated the angels with paint, gilding and napkin.

It was great fun for all of us. We work very hard for two hours and everyone was very happy with the result.

Here is our new Angel's Family :)

Thank you all for coming. Special thanks to Carmel because she drove from Cork City.

You are such a good auntie :)

Next workshop for kids (6-12) will be on Saturday, 20th April. 11am - 1pm.
It will be for kids without the parents :)

Mother's Day :)

I must tell you how wonderful children I have :)

They made some gifts for me - there is nothing better than gift hand made with love by your children...

And they don't forget about my other needs and bought a box of chocolate for their skinny ;) Mummy!

I love them so much!

Today we had a great day so I can work again only at the evening, but I was very creative.

I used new napkins to make this vintage box and I decided to teach you all how to make it on 27th April in Midleton.

Here are two napkins that I bought today. They are for sale for 50c each. Please check my FB fanpage:

If you have any question please contact me by mobile: 0851783296 or e-mail:

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Why 'Decoupage 4 Kids'??

As some of you may know, I was on the Fermoy Indoor Market and Baby Fair on Sunday.

 I met some very old friend like Pat. She used to work with my husband 6 years ago and she was one of the first very friendly and helpful Irish that I have met since I moved here.
 I made some new friends and also I met some new-old friends-followers from Facebook.

Many times they asked - why your name on the Facebook is Decoupage 4 Kids? Here is explain.

In 2008 I started decoupage. I was decorating stuff for my kids, mostly because I can not afford to buy, but also because I like to have something beautiful and unique. I don't like cheap plastic from China.

In 2009 I started 'gathering for decoupage' in Carrigtwohill Family Resource Centre, every week meeting for decoupage lovers. Unfortunately that started to collide with my work so I had to resign.

I joined to Facebook on 19 May 2011. That time I didn't want to work on decoupage for profit. I still was decorating items for kids, friends and family. I also taught a little bit without the profit.
Name "Decoupage 4 Kids" was the most accurate that time.

In October 2012 I decided to start my own business from September 2013.

Life is hard to plan... I registered my name DECOUPAGE and rented a domain DECOUPAGE.IE in February 2013. I couldn't wait until September because other people took already my all business ideas... Thanks God I have so many friend that believe in my and so many good people I met on my way and they all together help me to survive very hard time.
Thank you all for being with me :)

I still thinking what should I do with my Facebook page? I can't change the name now. I can start new one... but I am so sentimental...

PS Hello to the all spies :) Especially from my favorite forum :D I see you!